Hobby projects


In all those years in Amiga world coders always have made their own tools to help them create better demos/games/programs.A lot of good programs was created and not published. So now I want to give you what I created. After creating Teksturator , I started to work on Animator. Simplifying – program to animate 3d objects. Program can load lightwave objects, generate frames frame after frame or key frames only. Inside application package you can find examples how to use program to own apps/demos/games.

-MorphOS 1.4 or higher

Version: 0.9

Program is only available to download from here.


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is a arkanoid game moved into 3d space. Right now game is not ready and still need some work to finish and release it.

Game features for today:

  • Level editor – create new levels
  • 3 levels play
  • game in different resoultions, window/screen
  • multiple blocks
  • multiple bonus packages (multi-ball,glue,speed, etc)
  • keyboard/mouse support


-Morphos at least 1.4
-3d drivers


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is HTML gallery generator.


  • Automatic thumbnail creation
  • Photo resizing / resampling
  • Automatic photo presentation
  • Drag and drop image support
  • Add captions and titles for each photo
  • No knowledge of HTML required
  • easy to use


-MorphOS 2.X or higher

You can download program from here.


is easy to use application created to help you create your own Internet Site. With this program you can create your site view in your belowed image editor and slice it in ImageMapper. Program will generate for you all graphics and html code.


-MorphOS 1.4 or higher

You can download program from here.


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is a simple logic game based on the television show “Milionerzy”. From now on you can also play this game and win 1000000 (however author will not send you the cash;)).

-AmigaOS 3.x
-Windows + SDL.dll’s

You can download MorphOS version of game from here.
Windows executable.


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is program to help user in fast searching for favourite graphics in directories.
Application uses datatypes to show graphics.

-Morphos at least 1.3
-AmigaOS 3.x
You can download program from here.


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is image editing, photo retouching and manipulating program avaiable for MorphOS operating system.

Paint feautures:

  • MorphOS native application
  • Unicode and truetype fonts via ttengine.library
  • various image formats handling
  • support for layers, masks and selection
  • realtime effects for layers
  • easy moving graphics from different windows
  • special plugins and SDK for them
  • various scaling routines
  • and any many more

-Morphos at least 1.4
-New MUI

Version: 0.62
You can download program from here.


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is an image and photo editing software for computers that run MorphOS.
I started work on this paint application 3 years ago together with Bartosz ‘Nelson’ Willim. After a
short while we made quite a big application called ,,MOSPaint”. This program had a lot of
features (mostly unfinished) from modern paint applications like Photoshop or Gimp. While
working on it we found that finishing this kind of huge app is a huge undertaking and can take
years to finish, that’s why we started to work on something smaller, something like M$-Paint but
with more features – a MUI supported program. We called this app Sketch.

-Morphos at least 2.
-New MU
Application is a part of MorphOS system. You can dowload it with MorphOS iso.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is teks-300x225.jpg

This program has been made to help creating new 3d games or demos.
Teksturator is a program to texture and convert lw objects
It can load Texturator ASCII , STF files and also save LightWave6 Objects.
The program can also load LightWave3 or higher objects.
To texture your objects you can use internal JPEG loader,
internal SunRaster Loader and external datatype loader.
This program has been created to help both novice and experienced programmers and graphicians
With this program several components of 3D graphics can be created on the Pegasos (modelling in Modeller from LW and Texture object in Texturator) .

-MorphOS 1.x

Version: 0.85
available to download from here.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is korni_titler-300x188.jpg

After some really “boring” weeks being almost done completing MiniShowPicture, I started thinking about creating a new, hyper and super application for MorphOS.
In the weeks that followed I came up with some really nice ideas, most of them being programs based on a 3D engine (GUI for a raytracer, 3D titling app like NTitler, etc.). In the end I decided to create a 3D application for making animations (based on tinygl), so I began developing my own routine to create 3D text. After some weeks one of my friends came with the idea to create 3D text in a simple way by using true type fonts. The idea for this program came from our great #castor-cvs irc channel.
I started writing the first lines of code during the holidays of 2004, and at the end of 2004 I already completed the core part of the application, without animation support. Somewhere in the middle of the 2005 I stopped working on the program, since the needed 3D drivers where not available to most MorphOS users.
Here and in every part of the app I want to send thx to: #AmigaZeux people! #MorphOS people! #castor-cvs people! #ppa people!
jobbo, nelson, bigfoot, kiero, henes:)

Example animations created in Titler:
Demo video
AmiWaWa 2 presentation

-Morphos at least 2.X
-New MUI
-mencoder, mplayer (to save/play anim)

You can download program from here


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is a ftp/sftp client with many supported features like:

  • Big files support (64bit)
  • Multiple connections/tabs
  • SFTP protocol support
  • Internal drag and drop and popup menus
  • Resume, overwrite or skip files
  • Drag and drop between Ambient and ftp (for upload)
  • Support for passive and active transfers
  • Localised
  • opening local files and directories
  • ATC settings import option (.profiles)
  • host paths history
  • many many more….

    -Morphos at least 2.x

    Version: 2.0
    Last version comes with MorphOS operating system, check here.


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is special prepared GUI toolkit for OpenGL apps.
GUI features:

  • Smart Layout – display all objects without carring about resolution
  • Graphics quality – uses OpenGL to display with maximum quality
  • Skinning – use xml to describe look every part of GUI
  • Extending – its easy to create own classes, they can display data, animation, pictures, etc.
  • C++ API – use powerfull inheritance and C++ power
  • Many internal classes – use internal classes like windows, labels, buttons, lists, 3d display, etc
  • Multiplatform – build one, compile on pc/linux/mac

Not avaiable for download now.


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is MorphOS djvu documents reader.

-Morphos at least 2.X

You can download program from here.


AmiNetRadio plugins


Scene projects

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Additional tools

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