Professional projects

Development for ING Bank Poland

Designing and programming form for new persons Human Resources
Designing and programming Human Resources support application ( not released)

Development for ING Insurance Poland

Designing and programming OFE website
Programming many feautures in COP application
Programming reports in Crystal Reports

Development for Cadalog INC

Programming SketchUp plugin (Kray raytracing).

Development for FLOPSAR

Design and programming monitoring display tool. (application not released)

Development for App’N’Roll

Programming android application which allow pilots to check plane instruments and display information via OpenGL. (application not released)

Development for M4B

Designing and programming full server and client stack of museum applications (Muzeum of Solidarity in Gdansk).

Development for Nanovo

Programming Raspberry PI application to control shops queues.

Development for Funtronic

Programming games for “Magiczny dywan” and programming and designing multiplatform engine (windows/macos/linux/android/ios) and games on it “Bambikowe Logoprzygody” and “Akademia Bambika”.