I started my adventure with Amiga in 1990, when I saw Amiga 500 for the first time. I played on this Amiga in my friend’s home,
and it was great, it had superB graphics, great sound, That Was It! That was fun!

My parents bought me first Amiga around 1992/1993, it was A1200. At the beginning I played a lot and really various games.
I still remember titles like Cannon Fodder, UFO, Civilisation or Super Frog.

Around 1996 we finally setup small Ostroleka Amiga User Group and we started games and tools development.
We had many ideas, many games and tools, but they were never released (for example Twisted Metal game in 2D or Soccer Manager).
Soon I met great friend and developer GT and we started cooperation. After few months of work we created basic soccer 3D game for Amiga.
Too bad this game has never been finished due to lack of interest in it.

Geetings Nah-Kolor!

In 1998, my demoscene carrier begun. We started from Disk Magazine, went through music disks, various videos and finished on demos.
During my whole demoscene activity I had a pleasure to meet a lot of great people, visit nice places and have a lot of fun.

Stefkos on Alchemie 7 party

2000 year was new Amiga age, the age of MorphOS. This was a year when I started development of MorphOS applications, when I joined
#Amigazeux developer group. For working hard on applications, MorphOS Team invited me to join them and work on system’s and contribution
package’s development. Soon I got my first hardware from Genesi to work on MorphOS projects.

In the middle of 2005 I took my first fulltime job. It was something special for me. I visited a lot of countries for the first time, attended training courses in Lyon, Munich, Stuttgart, Toulouse and I was working for big companies like Parametric Technology Corporation, Schneider Electric, Airbus. I was proud to work for big companies like Airbus and be a small gear in production process and see all this new planes, especially A380 and Beluga.

Fresh A380!
Beluga plane

From 2008 to 2015 I was working for Nationale Nederlanden/ING company as Programmer/Senior IT Analist where I was working with Cobol, Java and many tools like WebSphere, JBoss, Tibco, etc.

In 2016 I started to work for Aviation Institue/General Electric where in 1,5 year I was working on source migration system.

In a same time I started to work for Friend Software Labs from Norway where I’m working till now. Our main goal is to make “Operating system for cloud”…..